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South Park Prompts

bi-weekly fanworks challenges for south park fandom

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bi-weekly fanworks challenges for south park fandom
South Park Prompts is a challenge community for original SP fanworks. New prompts are posted every other Thursday. (If you miss the two-week time frame, don't worry—responses to previous challenges are accepted any time.)

This comm is strictly for new, original South Park fanworks and we're open to any kind of fanwork, including but not limited to art, comics, cosplay, fic, graphics, and vids. For other types of posts, head over to spdiscussion.

We have a zero tolerance policy on theft and plagiarism, so please only post your own work here. (Exceptions for graphics makers and vidders are detailed in the guidelines.) To report instances of plagiarism or theft, please contact Miaou.

For more info, including how to post, please read the guidelines.

If you're here to enjoy the art, fic, and other fanworks, you might want to check out the index by tags, the index by subject lines, or simply browse the recent entries. Please be aware that warnings are optional rather than required in this comm.

Have a prompt suggestion? Tell us here.

Thanks for dropping by!
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